Sunday, August 5, 2012

Crop Dustin

We were having a nice weekend with a good friend in town. She really connected with Gypsy and Gypsy with her. Sunday morning we all were having a nice, quiet cup of coffee out on the deck. Gypsy was actually eating some breakfast and I had the local paper reading the gossip. It was around 6:30 and a very peaceful start to the day. That all changed quite suddenly when a crop duster swoops in with a roar just above the tree line.
I just happened to have the camera near by and snapped a few pictures. He made several passes through the field behind us. He came in low, loud, and very fast.

It was like having our own air show on a Sunday morning. We kind of enjoyed it. Gypsy on the other hand had a bit of a problem with the duster being so close and decided to try to run it off.
Dude, go buzz another neighborhood!

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