Sunday, August 19, 2012

Gypsy the Sailor

A few years ago, when Gypsy was still young, we had a little boat. We live in an area that is surrounded with water. We have rivers and creeks all going out into the Bay. Very pretty area. By boat is the best way to see all the huge water front homes that line the shore. We would go out and pass estate after estate saying "I'll take that one." Gypsy had to come along with us. She loved going on the boat. She would look for wildlife along the shore. We would spot a deer from time to time or other things she would have to bark at. The best would be if we were passing one of the tranquil estates and they had a dog out on the dock. Gypsy would put an end to that tranquility fast.

I know there is something to bark at around here!

We discovered a few sandy beaches that we could pull up to and have a picnic lunch. Gypsy thought this was pretty cool and really enjoyed running up and down the beach like a crazy dog. With luck she would find a dead crab to sniff. When it was time to get underway again, I would have to dip her in the water in an attempt to get most of the sand off her. She wasn't crazy about this but it did help cool her off.

After a few years we decided to sell the boat. It was fun, and Gypsy had a ball on the boat. We might decide to get back into boating at some point. I think we might have to get a boat built a bit more for comfort this time around. Maybe a little cabin for Gypsy to nap in?

I never even got sea sick!
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