Saturday, August 4, 2012

Day at the Park

We live in such a beautiful area surrounded by water. There are several big rivers that roll through our county and spill into the Chesapeake Bay. It's almost like being on vacation around here. The other day we decided to take Gypsy down to a local park that has a great view of the water. We thought it would be a great time for Gypsy plus, my wife is crazy about swinging.
The lady with the baby is looking at Sandi as if to say, gosh you're a bit old for the swing aren't you?

This day Sandi was also on a mission to find just the right stick for Gypsy. I think I mentioned before that Gypsy used to carry around a stick with her during walks when she was a puppy. She had this one stick she carried that was her favorite. She would walk for miles with this stupid stick in her mouth. She would hold her head high, her tail pointing straight up, and high stepping the entire time with this stick. It was as if she was proud of the stupid thing. She would chew on it a little bit at a time but was careful not to go overboard with the chewing. She had that stick for about 4 or 5 years. I finally had to toss it.

Here I am with my stick...and silly Harley Davidson hat!

So Sandi and Gypsy wandered around the park, looking for just the right stick. We usually keep Gypsy on the leash when we are out but on this day Sandi let her run free. Gypsy stayed close to Sandi during the search. She came back with several good candidates in the stick department and brought them all home with us. We just dumped them in the yard and let Gypsy decide which one she wanted. She goes out and chews on one of them from time to time but I don't think we have a perfect replacement stick yet. We'll have to keep searching. If I recall the original stick was a piece of drift wood and was in the Bay. Maybe the salty flavor is what Gypsy liked about that stick?
Nice view isn't it?

Next time we go to the park we'll have to take her down to the beach and look for some drift wood.

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