Friday, January 25, 2013

Bad Day In The Yard For Gypsy

Gypsy and Rim have what I would call a "roller coaster" relationship. Some days Gypsy seems to like having Rim around and other days she wants nothing to do with him. Actually maybe that makes Gypsy a normal female? It isn't anything that Rim is doing. He is just being a playful puppy. Unfortunately for Gyp, a puppy that out weighs her already. The other day they were out in the yard and Rim, as usual, was trying his best to antagonize Gypsy. Gyp likes to keep all the toys off the deck for some reason. Rim, likes to take them up on the deck for easy access. Gyp will remove said toys from deck, keeping it wide open and clear. Rim collects toys from yard and returns them to deck. After this, Rim tried his best to get Gypsy to play chase, nipping at her rear legs. Gypsy sometimes likes this game and will take off like a rocket. Rim may be big but he can not outrun Gyp yet. This particular day, Gypsy didn't want to play but Rim kept persisting. I'm not quite sure what happened but, it looked like Rim kind of bull dozed into the back of Gypsy and she gave out a loud yelp.
Hey, that hurt FATSO!
She came over to me, crying the entire time. I couldn't see any obvious wounds but she was in pain. We finally figured out it was her tail. She had it hanging down and wasn't moving it. When I touched it she gave another yelp. I'm thinking great, she broke her tail. After some discussion with Sandi, and a google or two, we decide it is probably sprained and that it will get better in a few days. It was very swollen around the base of the tail and still very sore. Seems that this is a very common occurrence.

So, this is how Gypsy has been looking for the last few days. Tail just kind of hanging down. She has begun to lift it a bit and Sandi can get her to give it a slight wag from time to time. She has looked so sad to me since this happened. When she comes up to me, she will usually sit. With the tail, she begins to sit and then quickly pops back up before tail hits floor.
She has been doing a lot of laying down. She has to turn several circles, lowering her butt slowly to the side to ease herself down. She can be a Drama Queen for sure and I'm starting to think that she is milking this injury as much as she can. I think she'll be fine in a day or two.
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