Saturday, January 26, 2013

SNOW! (kind of)

The weather people predicted the first measurable snow of the year for this weekend. Earlier in the week they were saying several inches possible beginning Friday and the snow ending on Saturday. I guess they were kind of correct in that we did get a dusting on Friday and woke up Saturday with a bit on the ground. Sandi and I were hoping for more. Gypsy loves the snow. The first winter we had her we got a good bit of snow. I remember opening the back door and Gypsy taking a big leap (her patented move) into the snow.
Hey this stuff is cold!
I was lucky enough to have a camera with me back then. This is Gypsy at around 7-8 months (Rims age now) in her first snow. She absolutely loves playing in the snow. I don't know who looks forward to the snow more, Gypsy or Sandi.
We woke up Saturday to a bit of snow, not the few inches we expected. This was Rim's first experience in snow. I don't know if he has the same love for snow as Gypsy but, he does enjoy eating the snow and ice.
Can you say Brain Freeze?
 It seems that everything "Meatloaf" does involves eating.
Rim is looking to Gypsy for advice on how best to handle the snow.
Gypsy had a smile on her face this morning when she saw the snow. She hasn't been smiling too much recently with the hurt tail. You can see she has it up a bit more today and I saw her give it a slight wag when she saw the snow. It still has a knot and sore to the touch.
After play time in the snow, a puppy needs a nap. I'm glad I got this captured. Sandi is the disciplinarian of the family. With the dogs anyway, not so much the cats. She is always telling me I let Gypsy get away with what ever she wants to do. Like getting up into my lap. My new saying is a spoiled poodle is a happy poodle.
I hope we get more snow this year. Gypsy and Rim would appreciate that.

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