Saturday, January 19, 2013

Rim aka "Meatloaf"

Rim at six months
Rim is six months old. Seems hard to believe. I remember when I first saw him thinking he was so much smaller than I remember Gypsy being as a puppy. I was thinking he wouldn't be as big as Gyp. That didn't last very long. Rim is a big boy. He weighs more than Gypsy already. I don't know his current weight but it has to be at least 45 lbs. Gypsy is 40-42 on a good day.
Big deal, so he is fat and I'm trim!
I wouldn't call Rim fat, I would call him solid. Can not find a rib on the boy. Gypsy is a bag of bones in comparison. I started calling him "Meatloaf" because he is such a robust eater. He will eat just about anything. And eat just about anything with gusto. In the morning when he sees his bowl of food being prepared, he hops around, tail wagging in anticipation. Sandi has him go sit calmly by his food area and wait for her to serve him. He does a very good job of waiting calmly until the big event. He then devours a few cups of kibble in record time.
Making me wait is cruel!
Gypsy, will see all the action going on with Rim and stroll over to her bowl, take a sniff and perhaps have a bite or two of food. Lately I've been mixing her kibble with chicken broth and that has sparked her interest in food slightly.

I even have a taste for seafood!
We had a few oysters in the backyard the other day and Rim sat right by Sandi, waiting to get his lips on a plump one. Meatloaf will eat just about anything. Sandi was discussing his weight with the the breeder the other day, mentioning the fact that when we walk them side by side, Gypsy has a skinny bony butt and Rim has got some "junk in the trunk." She renamed him, "Rim Kardashian"
They are two differant dogs for sure. Each with very differant personalities and eating habits.
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