Saturday, January 26, 2013

Cats Like It Too

 On the lookout for NOBELLS.

The cats also seem to like it when it snows. I think because we are inside more, Sandi seems to give them treats more, and we usually have a fire going and they like to hover around the fireplace. Our house has a certain calmness to it during these times.

Clearly NOBELLS came by this morning.


The cats like looking out the back window too, keeping track of the bird activity on the feeders. The birds also seem to come up closer to the house when we are inside, giving the cats a good view.

Mostly the cats take over the comforters for their own use. They seem to cuddle with each other more during the snow days.

The Queen Mother aka Canned Ham, has taken a liking to lunch meat. She runs into the kitchen every time she hears the sound of the lunch meat drawer in the fridge open. She isn't particular on the type of meat, brand, or thickness of the cut. Just as long as we drop a tiny piece or two for her.
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