Saturday, February 2, 2013

Nervous Nelly (again)

Gypsy has always been on the nervous side I would say. Anxious to see what is going on outside. When outside, anxious to see what is going on inside. Are birds invading the air space over our yard. On the lookout for rabbits, squirrels, or anything fuzzy. Checking all four corners of the fence for illegal aliens. Most of all, according to Sandi, she is always on the lookout for me. Last week I had to spend a few days away from home for meetings. Gypsy immediately went into a hunger strike. She is thin to begin with and I've tried to document her lack of food drive before. She refused to eat much of anything for the first few days I was gone. Didn't drink much water either. We really don't know why she does this. Sandi says it is because Gypsy goes into a state of depression when I'm gone. Not sure if I go along with that one or not. All I know is, her weight is down to an all time low. She was eating pretty good when we first brought Rim into the mix but, I think she is now getting a bit overwhelmed by his presence. I got back into town after midnight the other night and brought Gypsy down from the bedroom to say hello. She was very excited to say the least. After a quick trip to the yard she came into the kitchen and had a midnight snack and drank a big bowl of water. Her life is again back to normal. We'll have some good times this weekend and I will do a google search on how to make a poodle fat.
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