Saturday, February 23, 2013

Rimmer and Gypsy Progress

Rim is getting BIG. He is at least as tall as Gypsy if not a bit taller and out weighs her by plenty. He is such a good puppy, very well behaved and well mannered for the most part. He does have a side of him that we never saw in Gypsy. He is food driven like no other dog I've seen. I guess he might just be normal and Gyp is the strange one. When we let them out into the back yard, he tries to get Gypsy to play, nipping at her legs or trying to body slam her. Gypsy is all about business when she goes into the back yard, looking for intruders and making sure everything is in order. I guess he is just being a boy and Gypsy is a true Diva. She has gone through times where we could tell she just didn't want him around. Around the time he slammed into her and she hurt her tail was terrible. She basically stopped eating and was obviously depressed. She seems to be dong better now, enjoying our group walks and even getting closer to Rim. Last night she actually nosed him a few times and they exchanged a few licks on the nose.

I have to be careful not to side with Gypsy all the time. Rim is just being a boy, full of energy and curiosity and Gypsy is such a quirky little DIVA. Rim wants to be friends with everyone. Gypsy will have to lighten up I think.
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