Monday, February 4, 2013

Rim Gets a New Toy

Unlike Gypsy, Rim plays with toys. Gypsy plays with Dino and that is about it. Inside the house Gyp will on occasion play with a rope or something but not very often. Rim has had this little duck that came with him as a puppy but the duck was getting a bit worn out so Sandi decided it was time to go toy shopping for Rim. Actually I think that she felt guilty because Gypsy got a new collar this weekend and Rim came up short. So anyway, Sandi and Rim went off to the local Pet Smart and Rim picked out the nifty toy he is sitting with below. We don't keep many toys inside the house for the dogs. Maybe one or two at the most. Rim will lay down and keep himself occupied for a good period of time with a toy. Gyps will mostly sleep.

We'll see how long this toy lasts. He seems to like it.

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