Thursday, February 7, 2013

Car Rides

Sandi was running some errands the other day and had both the dogs with her. Gypsy has always liked to ride and thankfully, Rim does too. It makes so hard to live with a dog if it doesn't like to ride in the car. Gypsy, being the great hunter, is always looking out the window for cats, dogs, rabbits, or just about anything else she can get excited over. Up to this time, Rim has been the dog that just lays down on the seat and settles in for the ride. However, he has been picking up a bit of the "on the look out" habit from Gyp since he is finally tall enough to see out the window. Sandi came across these animals (I guess they are Llamas?) during her errands. She pulled over to the side of the rode and put the windows down. She said both the dogs eyes were wide open, peering at these strange animals.
What the heck are these things?
Not sure but they are wearing beautiful sweaters!
The rough and tumble Poodles showed no mercy on the llamas. They got growled at from both Gypsy and Rim. By the way, Rim's growl is becoming deeper like a big boy dog. I don't think the llamas paid any attention to them.

The dogs really do like to go for rides with us. You never know what you might run into.
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