Monday, February 4, 2013

Nervous Nelly Gets a Collar

If you've read the last few blogs, you might know that Gypsy has not had a good go of it recently. I was out of town for several days, throwing her entire universe off kilter. Prior to that she was body slammed by Rim aka "Meatloaf" injuring her tail and hurting her feelings in general. She has lost weight and we're desperately trying to get her to gain a few pounds. I'll keep you posted on that later. So, what better way to make a girl feel good about herself?
Yes, that is correct. We decided to add another collar to Gypsy's vast collection of collars. Sandi picked out the collar above thinking we'd give Gyp a bit of a retro look.

Here she is in the new collar. I think she is starting to feel a bit better. Her tail is up more and wagging. I haven't seen her patented smile yet but it will come.
Just keep that "Meatloaf" from body slamming me!!!

All we have to do now is to get her fattened up.
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