Saturday, May 25, 2013

Baby Birdin...

 The other day, after work, Sandi and I did what we always do when it is nice out. We sat on the deck. Gypsy loves it when we do this. She will divide her time laying by us relaxing or going on patrol making sure everything in the backyard is secure. She keeps an eye to the sky making sure big black birds don't intrude into our air space. We call this "Birdin."

 This afternoon she was playing close attention to the area around a wood pile in the corner of the yard. This is the major port of entry/exit for any bunnies brave enough to enter our yard. She usually gives the area a few sniffs and after a quick visual inspection, she'll declare our yard bunny free.
I can sniff out a bunny a mile away!
After a few minutes of non stop sniffing I decided I better go out there and see what she was so interested in.

Sitting on top of the wood pile I find this little baby Robin. We have bird nests all over the yard, both front and back. This little guy had just left the nest. I wasn't sure if it was injured or just taking a break from the first flight.

Sandi came out and tried to snatch the little thing and it took off across the yard. It was doing a pretty good job of getting away for Sandi. Of course Gypsy wanted to get in the action too. Sandi chasing the bird, Gypsy chasing Sandi, and me chasing Gypsy. She finally caught up to the little guy and we put him up on the fence and he flew off into the field behind us.
It looked like his siblings were not as brave and decided to stay at home for a few more days.

All the Robins have left the nest but Gypsy still inspects the nest during patrol everyday. Just to make sure we don't have anymore birds in distress.

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