Sunday, May 19, 2013


If you have read any of my earlier posts on this quirky poodle, you might already be aware that Gypsy is a hunter. The very first time we walked her around the neighborhood a few leafs blew across the street and she went on point, alert and on the look out for more. High stepping with her tail up and eyes going left and right looking for prey. Even if it was only a leaf.

It wasn't long after that she had her first experience with her greatest nemesis, the bunny rabbit. Our neighborhood is full of them. I don't think you can take a walk without seeing one around every corner. And Gypsy Gal..."The Bunny Hunter" is on the look out for each and every one of them.
I hate those furry little monsters!
Bunny's must not be very smart because they would actually hangout in our backyard. Grazing away at one of the expensive plants Sandi just planted. I'd leave Gypsy out the back door and she would bolt after them. Bunnies scattering every which way. There were times that she almost caught one. The Bunnies knew where all the escape routes were in the fence and would make a bee line to safety. A few times I would leave Gyp out at night and she would bolt after the bunnies, in hot pursuit going full bore right on their white little tail only to slam into the fence with a thud.
That hurts!
They don't seem to hangout in the backyard as much these days. Maybe word got out that Gypsy still rules the backyard.

We do see plenty of them on our walks. Sometimes I will pause and she can get a good look. I have no doubt that if I took her off leash she would be after that bunny in a flash.
I bet that bunny tastes like chicken!
After I let her get a good look at the bunny, we continue our walk. She will turn around while we walk, keeping an eye on the bunny. She'll do this for 20 yards or so and on occasion has walked right into a parked car.
I hope nobody saw that!
Gypsy Gal..."The Bunny Hunter" is getting a bit older and I don't take her on as long of a walk as we used to take but, she can still spot a bunny from a mile away.

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