Monday, May 27, 2013

Piggy Encounters

We have neighbors on the other side of the neighborhood that we see from time to time while walking Gypsy. They have two older dogs that they let out in the front yard and we usually say hello to them. Suddenly, this spring, we didn't see the dogs for some time. I think one if not both of them has gone to the dog park in the sky. Gypsy and I would stroll by and it would be quiet. No dogs.

The other day Sandi had Gypsy out on a walk and she came home with some strange news. She came up to their house and they had this little pig outside. I guess this guy, Oliver, is their new family pet. Gypsy was not sure what to think of Oliver but she was very excited to meet him.
Hey, this dog smells like bacon!
So now when we walk Gypsy, we see Oliver and say hello. Actually I think every time they have Oliver out people stop and ask them questions. They are training him to use a cat box inside the house and they say he is doing very well. He is certainly clean and seems well behaved. Although the other night I was walking Gypsy and Oliver was getting into the flower beds and was getting reprimanded. I'm not sure what he eats or how large he will get but Sandi and I think he is cute. I guess some of the neighbors have complained to the home owners association about Oliver. I say get over it! We look forward to our piggy encounters.
Pork, the other white meat!
We'll keep you posted on Oliver's progress.
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