Monday, April 6, 2015

Changing of the Guard

So, if you've followed Gypsy for any length of time, you probably know that she is fond of her toy Dino. Dino is really the only toy she has ever shown interest in. A few years ago I went to purchase a new Dino for her and was shocked to see they weren't in production anymore. The new model was just like the old except without the tail. She could care less about the so called "new improved" Dino. So, Sandi and I did some searching on the computer.
When it doubt Google it!!!
That's right. And we found a source and picked a few up.  A stash of Dino's.
Replacing Dino this time of year is a sure sign that Spring is here. The blue Dino above has had a great life. The new red Dino is looking pretty good.
We put them both out for Gypsy to decide if it was time to go with a new Dino. She never paused, grabbing the new toy. She was really excited with her new treasure.
It didn't take long for Gyp to break in the new Dino.
Fun times...

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