Sunday, April 12, 2015

Pretty Poodle

This past week was "beauty parlor" week for Gypsy. Yep, it was time to get her groomed. She has gone to the same groomer since she was a pup and I think she does a great job on Gyp. She always cuts her to our specification and is tuned in to our quirky little girl. Gypsy is always really excited when we first get there. Once we walk in the shop though, she realizes where we are and she acts like I'm putting her on death row.
We let her hair grow a bit long in the winter. When it is long she almost looks normal. With the "puppy" cut she just got you can clearly see how thin she is. Just under 39 lbs. She is healthy and has actually been eating good recently. She just is a thin dog. This is about as short as we ever cut her. When she is this long she looks like a refugee.
I think she looks great. The good news is, when we got home it was nice enough to sit outside and keep an eye on the bird feeders.
 We had a visit from the Cardinals. We have a pair that have been hanging out all winter long. I'm not sure if they will stick around this summer.
Chloe was outside too but was way napping. She could care less about the birds.

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