Sunday, April 5, 2015

More Moose

My big red boy, Moose has been hanging out with us much more recently. He usually keeps by himself, upstairs trying to avoid Chloe. She has a thing about Moose and will chase him. It usually isn't much of a big deal. Moose is much faster than she is.
Yesterday I was in the kitchen with Moose and he peeked around a corner and proceeds to calmly jump up on the fridge. Just then Chloe comes stomping around the corner looking for him. She is too fat and gravity challenged to get on top of the fridge. Moose just hangs out up there for a few minutes until Chloe retreats to the food bowl.

It is great to see Moose downstairs, playing with the other cats. (Minus Chloe) It's like he discovered the "Fountain of Youth" Actually he has, here he is having a drink.
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