Saturday, April 4, 2015


I was out of town last week for a few days on business. Work always gets in the way. It's kind of strange, sitting in the hotel room and not having a poodle by my feet.
Hey, they have pet friendly hotels!!!
Yes pet friendly hotels do exist. We stayed in a pet friendly B&B one time and it was very yucky.
The good part of going away is....coming home. Gypsy was glad to see me. A few sprints around the yard proved that. She can still move. Maybe not quite as fast as she was but still very quick.
She still tries to get us to play tag. She and Sandi have had some epic battles of tag in the back yard. Each trying to out wit the other by hiding behind trees. For years Sandi wasn't able to get a hand on Gyp. I think now, she might be able to.
After a few laps she usually goes back to Dino, her favorite toy to relax. Hopefully this weekend will bring some nice weather and we can begin getting the back yard into shape.

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