Saturday, March 16, 2013

Battle of the Bulge...less

If you've read this blog for any time you probably already know it has been a loosing battle to get any weight on Gypsy.
No bulges on me!
From the beginning she has been a very picky eater and not food driven in the least. At puppy training she would spit the treats out when she sat.
I refuse to be bribed!
I've tried raw food, home made food, something called "silk balls" that were guaranteed to put weight on her. Nothing worked. You name it, we've tried it. She would eat the new food with enthusiasm for a day or so and then, turn her nose up at it. She has been in the 38 to 41 pound range for most of her adult life. Prior to getting Rim she was actually gaining some weight and was all the way up to 41. Since Rim came on board, she has lost weight and is probably around 38 pounds right now. You can feel each of her ribs and her hips stick out. The vet would like to see her pack a few pounds on but she is a challenging patient. So, I'm trying another combination of her kibble that she seems to like the most (Dogswell) and a few other things.

I'm combining her kibble with cheddar cheese.
I prefer imported cheese please!
To this I stir in a few table spoons of chicken broth (homemade) and mix it up. She has been eating pretty good for the last week or so since we've started this meal plan. Sometimes I will add a few spoons of warm water to make a yummy gravy. She likes that as an alternative.
Hey, this isn't half bad!
I'll keep you posted on the weight gain program. Sandi has noticed that Gypsy is getting pretty good at sorting through the kibble to pick out the cheddar cheese. Living with Gypsy is like living with a DIVA super model.
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