Sunday, March 17, 2013

St. Patricks Day

St Paddy's day again. It was around this time last year I started telling you about my quirky little poodle, Gypsy Gal. And a few stories about the cats from time to time too. Anyway, you can see that Gypsy is sporting her green collar for the occasion. She has a matching green leash to complete the Irish look. The big doings in our little town are on Sunday. I think we might take the dogs downtown for the parade. Saturday we took them to a local dog park. The park that usually has no dogs in site. This time we showed up and there were two dogs inside the park and another two just arriving when we did. The two that were already there promptly departed when we arrived. The two remaining dogs were the fattest labs I have ever seen in my life. They could not run or jump or any of the things our dogs wanted them to do. They could hardly walk. They left after a few minutes. So, again we had the park to ourselves.

Having the park to herself made Gypsy jump for joy. I can't get her to run through this thing but jumping over it is no problem. Rim just tried to eat it.

Gypsy also mastered going up and down the ramp thing with ease. I think she would be a good agility dog if I worked with her on it. The biggest challenge would be to slow her down.
We will fill you in on the St. Paddy's day adventure later.
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