Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Play Time

The other day we took Rim and Gypsy over to a friends house to meet his friends Standard Poodle. A very beautiful Red female that was extremely well behaved. Despite being freezing cold out, we walked the dogs down the street to a fenced in area to let them run. Not quite a dog park but close. On the way there the friends dog was calm, walked great on the leash, and sat when they came upon a street to cross. Rimmer was a good boy and Gypsy was beside herself with excitement. When we got to the play area the leashes came off.
 Gypsy does her usual thing, taking off like a rocket. She is still one of the fastest dogs I've ever seen. Rim is on her heels, trying his best to keep up. He has gotten into the habit of nipping at her legs/heels and it drives her nuts.
Soon, the Red Standard took chase after our two. She too is very fast and from what I understand a squirrel hunter. They were flying across the field.

Soon Rim decided the Red dog would be fun to pick on.

This little red head put up a good fight and gave it right back to Rim. Hey, Gypsy doesn't fight back!

Rim finally decided to leave this girl alone and find Gypsy to pick on again.

It was great having Rim and Gypsy meet a new dog and have some play time. I really think they enjoyed the afternoon and the exercise was great for them both. They slept great that night.
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