Saturday, March 16, 2013

New Bed

In the last blog I ranted about my skinny Gypsy Gal. Or, as Sandi calls her, The Bag O Bones. Her hips and ribs stick out like a starving native of a third world country. When she lays down on the hard wood floor it sounds painful. Even when she lays in her bed it sounds bad because it doesn't have much padding. Today Sandi went out to the local pet store and came home with a new dog bed for Gyp. This one equipped with the latest in "Gel Memory Foam" technology. Plenty of padding to protect the bones until I can figure out a way to plump her up.
Good luck with that!
We put the plush new bed in Gypsy's favorite spot anxious to see how she would take to it. But as usual, the cats have to explore anything new that comes into the house.

Virgil and Stormi seen to approve of the new furniture. Actually I had to run them off so Gypsy could give it a try. Gypsy would never consider chasing the cats out of her bed.

Once she was able to occupy the bed, she conked out and slept great. She really did look more comfortable.
Actually I would have preferred a sleep number bed! I'm a number 72!
Of course this morning when I came home from the gym, the cats had taken over the bed again.
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