Sunday, March 10, 2013

Toy Time

I've mentioned several times that Gypsy is not a chewer or plays with toys very much. That is with the exception of Dino, her all time favorite. Dino has been on the shelf this winter. Rim likes to dominate Dino and he and Gyp get into Dino wars in the backyard. Not a pretty site and it frustrates the heck out of Gypsy. All the other backyard toys Gypsy could care less about. Inside the house she has really never played with much. She on occasion will chew on a rope but besides that, nothing. We bought this hard chew thing the other day for Rim, trying to keep him occupied inside. He is a playful pup and likes to chew. He is basically the polar opposite of Gyp.  Gypsy has decide she likes this thing and has been chewing the daylights out of it. She is having a ball with this thing. Plus it has to be good for her teeth.
Dental hygiene is very important to me!
I think the chewing has stimulated her eating mechanism because she seems to be eating better. Or it could be the fresh, grated sharp cheddar cheese I'm mixing into her food?
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