Monday, April 8, 2013

Birthday Kitty

How's this for a Birthday portrait?
Chloe (aka: Queen Mother, aka: Canned Ham) had her eighth birthday over the weekend. She spent most of her special day looking for sun spots. She knows where all the best sunny spots are in the house as the sun travels over head. I've written about Chloe before. When we got her from the Humane Society I don't think she weighed 3 lbs. Hard to believe right? She had a tough life up to that point. She had liver issues and it appears that the tip of her tail is missing. Chloe didn't weigh enough to leave the Humane Society but Sandi begged them to let her take Chloe home. They did and Sandi nursed this little thing back to health. I think she did a pretty good job. Now Chloe is too fat to escape from the deck. I tell people she won the "Cat Lottery."

She moves from sun spot to sun spot, happy to sit and watch the other cats like she is monitoring the situation. On occasion she will chase one of the boy cats around but she can never catch him. Her legs are just too darn short. She does come running however for lunch meat. We can open the fridge as quiet as possible and go for the turkey breast and she comes running looking for a hand out. We will give her a tiny piece, just because she is so special.

I get the feeling that Chloe really does appreciate everything that Sandi has done for her. We hope to have Chloe around for many more years.
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