Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Forever Poodles

I guess things happen for a reason.

Ram and Roxie this afternoon.

Rim (now named Ram) went to live with Sandi's cousin Cyd, and her family in North Carolina. They have a big, white Standard named Roxie. Several years ago Cyd and her family went through some very difficult times full on pain and sorrow. Through all those dark days Roxie was there for them. Giving them all love and joy without wanting anything in return. She guided them back from the darkness. Roxie, in her own way, was a therapy dog. Helping Cyd and the rest of the family past those bad times. Roxie was an Angel. She was their forever dog.

The other day Cyd took Ram for his first check up with the Vet in NC and took Roxie along too as she had been acting a bit strange. Without going into too much detail, Cyd learned that Roxie has a very serious illness that is inoperable. If it progresses much more Roxie could be in great pain.

Roxie has a few more days with her family. They are doing their best to keep her comfortable and pain free. Sandi and I always thought Ram would be a great therapy dog, helping those in pain or need. I think Roxie is Ram's first patient. I hope that Ram's presence somehow helps Roxie on her final journey. In a few days Roxie will hand her family over to Ram and hopefully he can become their next forever dog.

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