Saturday, April 20, 2013

Dino Returns

If you have read past posts you know that the best toy in the world for Gypsy is Dino. Actually Dino is really the only toy that she cares about. From the time she was a puppy she has only played with this one toy. I remember the first time she made Dino squeak she started to whimper as if she hurt it.
Sorry about that Dino!
When we couldn't find any replacements in the pet shop for Dino we had a major panic attack. After some searching we were able to purchase a good supply of replacements (at a high cost) off the Internet.
Money is no object!
Then Rim came along.
He thought it was great sport to take Dino away from Gypsy, causing great stress and anxiety. She would get Dino back only to have him take it away again. Fun game for Rim but no so much for Gyp. She would go after him with what anger she was able to muster (not much) after awhile. The biggest confrontations they had were over Dino. Finally, we decided to pick Dino up for the winter and keep him out of sight. So, with Rim living the good life down south, we broke out a new Dino for the Diva Gypsy.
The old Dino went with Rim.
Gypsy is again playing with Dino, running laps, and making him squeak non-stop. I'm sure the neighbors appreciate that. She is getting back to her quirky self.
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