Friday, April 26, 2013

Cat In The Hat

Sandi and I aren't just poodle people...nope we're about the cats as well. This red boy is Tang on his fourth birthday. Tang won the kitty lottery when Sandi decided to bring him home. He was a little red thing and from the beginning Sandi thought something was going on with his legs. After several vet visits, x-rays, and other (expensive) tests, it was decided he had to have surgery on his two rear legs to correct the issue. After each surgery he had a fairly long recovery period and Sandi had a little hospital bed set up for Tang in the master bath. She would sit up with him making sure he wouldn't put weight on his repaired leg at night. He is fully recovered and gets around great if not just a bit slow. He just can't run as fast as the other cats. Tang is always on patrol, keeping an eye on things. Thus the nickname "The Sheriff" fits him well. Even while the other cats are taking a nap, The Sheriff will be on patrol. Tang has a weakness for my ball caps. Whenever I leave one out, he will find it and settle into it for an extended period. Not sure why. The other night I decided that my team, Washington Nationals, would need a bit of good luck. They've been on a bit of a slide recently loosing a few games in a row and not playing very well. This calls for my lucky Nats ball cap to be worn during the game hopefully bringing them good luck. Before I could put it on, The Sheriff found it and settled in. This being his birthday night, I let him keep the hat.
The Nationals won the game and looked great.
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