Saturday, April 27, 2013

Another Red Boy B-day

We had another cat birthday in the house. Sandi keeps tabs on the birthdays. I'm really bad about remembering these things. Just ask my kids. My goal for the next year is to remember every birthday.
 This is Moose, the other red boy. Moose just turned two. The other cats follow Sandi around like she is the Mother Hen. Moose seems to be a bit more aligned with me. As you can see he likes to sit in my chair when I'm not in it. When I am sitting at the desk, he usually tries to help out by walking over the key board.
 When Rim was in the house, Moose kept to himself upstairs most of the time. He wasn't scared of Rim, I think Moose just didn't like all the activity. Since Rim has relocated to the south, Moose is out more, playing with all his favorite toys.

One thing Moose is really good at is getting comfortable. He absolutely enjoys lounging around on the bed, stretching and rolling around. When I walk into the room he lets out a little meow and rolls onto his back, wanting me to rub his belly.
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