Saturday, February 14, 2015

2nd Annual Pet of the Year

While I was on the road I realized that I had not selected the second annual "pet of the year" award. Being alone I was able to reflect on the past year and all the pets without being swayed by Gypsy.

Hey, I was robbed last year!!!
Yes, last year the award went to Stomi the feral cat that is now a love bug. Stomi is still a great cat and if I'm sitting she is usually either on my lap or in the vicinity. This year though has been the year of Moose. He is a laid back, unassuming red boy. You would hardly know he was in the house for the most part. He spends most of his waking hours upstairs in the office in a chair on the look out for the girls cats that torment him to no end. Chloe in particular goes after Moose with abandon. We aren't really sure why but Moose always has his head on a swivel, looking out for the Bitches. The truth is that Moose could take any of the girls easily but he is such a little lover that he just lets them boss him around. When he does come down stairs he usually will end up in a high spot, knowing that Chloe is too fat to jump.
So this year the award goes to Moose, the good red boy that avoids confrontation at all costs.
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