Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Road Trip

I had to travel the end of last week into most of this week for my company Global Sales meeting. We are just outside Orlando. I come to these things every February and they always have them in nice warm locations. The thing is they bus us in from the airport and then we have a week of meetings in the bowels of the resort, hardly even seeing the sun. We could have this event in Akron Ohio and I don't think anyone would notice. If anyone from Akron is reading (I doubt it) I apologize. I'm actually from NE Ohio. Go Bucks!!!
Anyway one of the perks this year was being able to come down a few days early and visiting with my youngest and her family that now reside in Jacksonville. It was the first time for me seeing their new house and it was great to see my baby making a home for her hubby and kiddos. Also it was nice meeting her Standard Poodle puppy. A little boy Joe Jo.
I think he is around 6 months old and he is the exact opposite of Gypsy.
Obviously, I'm beautiful!
You are very pretty Gyp but Joe Jo is a good looking boy. He is a smart little guy and I think he'll be a great dog. He is smart as a whip and I think he spends the majority of his waking hours trying to figure out ways to be around his people, ways to get food, and ways to get someone to play with him. I think he is going to have to be mentally challenged everyday otherwise he'll find something not great to do. They will do a good job with him I'm sure.

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