Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Snow Day

All day yesterday the talk was of the approaching winter storm, Octavia. Since when do we name winter storms? I think it is a Weather channel thing. Did anybody else think Jim Cantore looked like an idiot jumping around in a blizzard after he heard lightening? Anyway we did actually get some snow out of this one. All winter long the snow has traveled to the north of us and while we've been cold, not much snow. By morning we had about 7" on the ground. Gypsy was obviously thrilled to see it. She ran around the yard, chasing the birds away from the feeders. Sandi and I then took her on a walk around the neighborhood and to the corn field and let her run some more. Just when I think she is getting older and slowing down she surprises me with puppy like enthusiasm. She loves the snow and I think I'll take her out again.

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