Friday, February 27, 2015

Cold and Snow

It was very cold this past week and we had some additional snow. We have not been able to really spend any amount of time outside at all. Gypsy hates it. I've even been a slacker when it comes to walking her. She gets ants in her pants if I don't walk her enough. During one of the cold days I was going through some old photos and came across this one. Gypsy laying at "home base" enjoying the sun with her favorite toy of all time, Dino.
Ahhh yes, those were the days!!!
Dino has been her favorite for years. They don't make them anymore but we went on-line and found a few more. We had to pay top dollar for them but it is worth it. This area under a tree is the spot (home base) where she will go chill out after a round of playing with Dino.
She hasn't been able to play with Dino all winter. Actually Dino is buried under snow and ice at this time. I think it is going to warm up some this weekend and I'll have to get out there and find Dino for her.
And get off your lazy butt and walk me!!!
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