Sunday, March 1, 2015

More Cold

 Yep, it is another cold weekend here on the eastern shore. And more snow/sleet is on the way this Sunday afternoon. Yesterday morning Gypsy and I did a few things in the back yard. While my back was turned, I hear the familiar squeaking of Dino. Gypsy found Dino under a bank of snow and ice and saved him.
I've got your back Dino!!!
She picked him up and ran laps with him. She was happy to be outside with me.
After that we walked to the backside of the neighborhood. We back up to some fields. During hunting season these fields are full of hunters picking off innocent geese. We can hear the gun shots from our deck and Gypsy isn't very fond of shooting. Her tail goes between her legs and she cries. It's safe to play in the fields now that the hunters are gone.
Hey, I'm just sensitive!!!
Yes you are. Anyway, Gypsy had a ball running through these fields. The tree line was bordered by these deep banks of snow. Of course, after this first shot my battery went dead.
We'll get her back out in the fields again this afternoon and hopefully get a few more pictures.
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