Saturday, March 14, 2015

High Anxiety

Gypsy has always been an anxious dog. Even as a puppy she seemed to be wired a bit tight. She is always what I call "on alert" intensely looking from side to side. Almost like she is hunting. She rarely seems like she is relaxed. Only when she is sleeping. She has never liked being alone either. This is probably on us because when we got her, Sandi worked from home and was at her side all day long and then I came home and played with Gypsy the rest of the day. There has been a few times that we have left her with friends or family and she just stares at the door and whimpers until we return. When we're home, she has to be in the same room as we are in. Usually laying on the floor, staring at us. When Sandi and I go out, we keep her confined in the office or if it is nice, on the deck. We felt that she would do better this way and less likely to get in trouble. Most of the time while she is in the office, Moose is also in there sleeping on one of the chairs so she has company. I tell her to go in the office and she always slowly shuffles in with her tail down. Occasionally when we return we would hear her whimpering but not that often. When we put her outside it isn't any better. She simply paces from one door to another, looking for us. If we come out, she jumps for joy and has a big time playing but only if we are out with her.

Recently this stressed out behavior seems to be getting worse. Maybe because she is getting older, not sure. We talked to our Vet about it and she prescribed some "happy pills" to take the edge off and help her relax. I'm not a fan of taking pills, even for myself, but if they will make her a happier dog I'll give them a try. Now that it is nicer out we can pick up our walking too. I'm sure that will help calm her down.
Maybe I should consult Cesar Milan?
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