Sunday, March 22, 2015

Cat Sunday...Zoe

OK, this is the first time Zoe is getting attention on Gypsy's blog. Sandi has reminded me of this often so in order to keep the kitty peace in the house I thought I'd show her off. 
Zoe, aka: ZoZo, is our big black cat. I say "our" cat but in all reality she only cares for Sandi. ZoZo doesn't even hang out with the other cats and they really try to avoid Zoe too. She can have a bit of an attitude.

Recently she has taken over Gypsy's bed. When Zoe is relaxing in her bed Gyp just finds another area to relax. Gyp also avoids confronting Zoe. You can see that she brought her wine cork along with her for safe keeping. We have spent hundred's of dollars on cat toys and she plays with a cork?

Today it is all about Zoe, the big black cat with a big attitude. She loves her Mom.
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