Saturday, March 7, 2015

Last Snow?

Last Wednesday night into Thursday morning we had yet another snow storm. The news was building it up like it was going to be the storm to beat all storms. It snowed mostly all day Thursday and I guess we got another 6-7 inches. The people in Boston laugh at that snow total.
 It did come down pretty hard for awhile and Gypsy had to get out into it. She still enjoys the snow.
Friday morning it was time to dig out and she spent the morning outside with me. She still plays like a puppy when she is outside but when we get back in the house she crashes hard. Showing her age some I think.

This morning we walked out into the fields. There were plenty of deer tracks to sniff. Standard Poodles can do just about anything. I read somewhere that they were the original "retrieving" dog. Gypsy wouldn't do very well at that since she hates to hear gunfire. She seems to have a strong hunting drive in her though.

She had a great time. We had to take advantage of the snow while we could. This weekend is going to warm and the big melt will commence. I suppose the field will be a soupy mess for some time. 
Gypsy is now sprawled out on the floor, snoozing away, a very happy girl.
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