Sunday, March 15, 2015


OK, I'll take a break from my quirky Poodle and talk about a cat on Sunday. This is the latest (and last!) addition to our family. Sushi...his story is kind of interesting.

A friend of ours found a stray cat in a run down part of Baltimore and took her in. They more than likely saved this cats life. As noble as that act was I was still surprised that they kept the cat because

1. She is allergic to cats and
2. They already have two beautiful Standard Poodles and they took up so much of their free time. These are the folks that got us thinking about getting a Standard!

Anyway they gave her a good home and shortly thereafter discovered that she (the cat) was pregnant. Along came the litter and this little guy was given to Sandi as a birthday gift. I had very little say in the matter. Actually, I had no say in the matter. That was a year ago and I'm actually glad that Sushi came to us.
 Sushi just turned one year old a few weeks ago and still has that playful, kitten side going on. Every morning he plays with his favorite toy, knocking it around the hard wood floors until it goes under the sofa. Sandi can be seen every morning retrieving said toy for him several times.
He is also an avid bird watcher. Here he is peeking at them from behind a curtain.

Sushi has been a great addition to the family, bringing a little youth to the group of animals. He keeps the red boys on their toes as he will spring out and jump them from time to time. He is great with Gypsy, usually giving her a sniff when she is sleeping.

Our friend kept all of the remaining kittens and they have a great life. Just think what would have happened had they not found that stray cat?
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