Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Still Picky

If you've read this post at all I think you already know that Gypsy is about the most picky eater of all time. I've tried all sorts of the high end foods. I've made her food.  We've added eggs, chicken stock, and peanut butter. She likes just about anything for a short time and then returns to her picky ways.  She is rather tall for a girl poodle but we have difficultly getting her to 40 lbs. Actually she is about 37 to 39 lbs. Don't get me wrong, she is in good shape, just looks like she lives in a poor Third World village.

Last Saturday I roasted a big, fat chicken and decided to give Gyp the neck. I tossed it out into the backyard and she did go up and give it a big sniff. That was about all she did with it. For the next several days I'd let her out the back door and she would eventually stop and give the neck a lick.
Today she finally acted like a dog and she ate the entire thing. Just like a Lab. Don't worry has been really cold so it isn't like the neck has been sitting around turning into a science experiment.
I guess the bottom line is that she is what she is, a picky eater and not food driven in the least. I'll do my best to keep her in great shape and healthy. I'll continue to try to find the magic mix of kibble that gets her excited.
Hey, I like the things I like... no pressure dude!!!

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