Sunday, October 28, 2012

2 Dogs vs 1 Dog

Sandi and I debated for months on the second dog thing. I was actually the one that dragged his feet on adding another dog. I was fine with only Gypsy, plus we have cats running around the house. I thought a second dog would be too much. So, we went back and forth on the topic. I'd go from all in with the idea to, maybe it isn't such a good idea. I think I was hesitant mostly thinking a second dog would take me away from Gypsy. Especially a puppy. I guess sometimes you can just over analyze things. As it turned out, adding Rim to the family has been a great thing for everybody. Especially for Gypsy. These two dogs have such different personalities. Rim is calm, self assured, and confident. Gypsy is hard to describe. I think she is wound a bit tight and can be a bit obsessive. She is very sweet though.

There have been a few negative aspects of having a second dog.

1. Cleaning up after them. We have a fenced back yard and Gypsy has aways done her business on her home field. Not on walks. I've always been good about cleaning up after her. Never going more than a day or so without going on "Poop Patrol." With the addition of Rim, I've really had to step up my game. I'm always out in the yard, pooper scooper in hand on patrol.

2. Yard abuse. The wear and tear on the yard has increased dramatically with this little guy. I've always done a good job of keeping our yard looking nice. This summer was hot and dry and we had big patches of dead grass. With Rim, the yard is quickly becoming a dust bowl. Plus, I didn't want to put out any kind of weed and feed stuff on the grass with Rim wanting to eat everything in sight. So, this is what we have in the backyard now:

These guys are out there having a big time, tearing up the grass. I'll have to figure out something to get the yard looking good again.

Here is Gypsy, pre Rim, enjoying some peace and quiet in the back yard with nice grass. I think she likes things the way they are now. With her little (for now) friend Rim. We'll  figure out the grass thing in the spring.
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