Friday, October 26, 2012

Puppy Grooming

One of the best things about a poodle is, they don't shed. Their "fur" is really close to being the same as human hair. So, they don't go through the stages of shedding their coats like other dogs. This is a good thing. It certainly keeps the house cleaner. The down side is, their hair grows like crazy and they need to be groomed every 6-8 weeks. We have been taking Gypsy to the same girl for her entire life. This girl has a little shop set up next to her house and she does a great job with Gypsy. I will drop Gyp off in the morning looking like a black llama, and Sandi picks her up in the afternoon looking like a show dog.
Can somebody tell me how pretty I am?
I think Gypsy likes going there but not too crazy about not seeing us for the entire day.

Rim is growing at an alarming rate and his hair is growing fast too. It is finally time to get him groomed.

Here he is on the way to the groomer, looking like a little black bear cub. You can just see the excitement in his eyes. I drop him off and he walks into the place like he owns it. There were a few other dogs getting check in when we got there and he was happy with just waiting in line until it was his turn to check in.

Sandi goes and picks Rim up in the afternoon and, WOW we have a poodle after all. The groomer said he did a great job for his first time.

The silver in his ears is really starting to come out.

I think you can start to tell the difference in color between Gypsy and Rim. He is gaining on her in size too. Of course, the second after I took this picture, the two of them were out in the backyard, rolling around in the dirt wrestling.
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