Sunday, October 28, 2012

Nice Saturday

Saturday morning we had to run some errands to get ready for the big storm that is approaching and get to the gym for a workout. It was a nice morning so we left the dogs outside. I went upstairs to get ready and when I came back down, this is what I saw.

Gypsy as usual peering inside wondering where we are and Rim relaxing on a chair cushion. He has gotten in the habit of pulling a cushion off a chair and lay on it when we are away. I even caught him hopping up on a chair to snatch a cushion off the table top one time. This puppy likes his comfort for sure.

Saturday was going to be the last nice day we will have for several days. Hurricane Sandy is coming and with it rain and wind. We wanted to get outside and enjoy it while we could. We first went down to the local farmers market. Rim met many people and a few other dogs too. We then went over to the annual Oyster Fest to meet more friends. Gypsy was great the entire time. I am starting to believe that Rim might be having a calming effect on her. Or, maybe we are just going out more.

The entire day Rim kept close to Sandi. He is really doing well on a leach and is totally tuned into Sandi.

Gypsy caught sight of a squirrel running back and forth in front of us, packing away acorns for later. Gypsy laid down, never taking her eyes off the little squirrel. Rim could have cared less. He just laid down by Gypsy and relaxed. These two dogs could not be more differant.
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