Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

It's been a stormy few days here. Not a great time for the poodles. It started raining on Sunday morning and the weather went down hill from there. On Monday, as Sandy made her way through the eastern shore, the winds picked up and the rain came down hard. We were well prepared for the storm. We had a fire going all day long and had plenty of provisions. Of course, taking the dogs out became a major event. Rim is doing great with the house breaking but he is at that age where we don't totally trust him. The back yard went from a dust bowl, to a water bowl. Rim was more interested in drinking the rain water pooling in the yard then he was in doing his business. After a few minutes I'd take he and Gypsy back into the garage and try to dry them off as best I could. The rain was coming down so hard it was impossible to stay dry. The wind was howling too. We had a few gusts that shook the house. We never lost poser though and I'm grateful for that.

The dogs were pretty bored for the entire day. A full day of no wrestling or running in the back yard. Not even a walk around the block. They had a lot of laying around the house time.

I went up to the office to try to get a few things done and they just sat and stared at me. Like when are we going to do something? This was earlier in the day and you can see they both are looking unkempt from all the rain and wind.

Gypsy hates the rain. It ruins her beautiful hair, flattening it out until she looks like Howard Stern. She hates that.

We did get out and drove around the neighborhood late afternoon. This was the flooding down the street from us. I think in all we got close to 10" of rain. It is still raining this morning but not as bad. The poodles are going to get a good brushing and hopefully we can get out and  take a walk later. The storm could have been much worse for us and I'm glad that it is past us.
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