Sunday, October 7, 2012


I would kike to introduce you to Spokes. Particularly those of you that might want to adopt a cute kitten.

This is his story.
Sandi and the bike club were out for a ride this past summer. It was a Sunday morning and one of those that was pushing 100 degree's. Very hot. The club was out in the country, passing the farms that surround our little town and pulled over for some hydration. Eagle ear Sandi hears a soft squeaky noise coming from the ditch along side the road. She investigates and uncovers this little guy. He was very tiny and also very dirty. She gave him a few drinks of water which he gulped down quickly. Another bike club member zoomed as fast as he could back to the starting point for the ride to get his car so he could give Sandi a ride back home. She brought Spokes home and we isolated him in a bathroom, giving him some food and more water. He went after both with gusto. Sandi made a few calls and we took him up to the local Humane Society where he was checked out and given a clean bill of health. The name Spokes obviously relating to the bike club. (Can you guess where the name Rim came from?) The bike club sponsored the little guys cage with the club's name on it and he gets a little extra TLC from the staff. There is no doubt in my mind that Spokes would not have survived the day had the bike club not stopped at that spot for a break. After we got Spokes settled at his temporary home, we went back to the spot where he was found to make sure there were no others hiding in the ditch.
The Humane Society is swamped with kittens/cats at this time and Spokes has been waiting very patiently for a new home. He is waiting much more patiently than Sandi I might add. Anyone that might want to check out Spokes drop me a reply or go to

The Spokes story comes on the heels of another Kitten story. A few weeks prior to this the Bike Club was participating in an organized ride. The River to River ride. Again, during a break, Sandi hears a squeaking noise and discovers a little kitten out in the middle of nowhere. This time she turns the kitten over to the race officials that in turn give the kitten to a nearby friend. Of course she named this kitten River. I am beginning to think Sandi is a cat magnet?
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