Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Warm Weekend

We have had a spell of cool, fall like weather over the last few days but this weekend was pretty warm. I know our long days of outside fun are limited with the changing of the weather so, we have to take advantage of everyday outside we have. Gypsy and Rim played Dino hard all day. Gypsy holding Dino by the feet, waving Dino close to Rims face daring him to try to get it. Gypsy eventually drops Dino and it is big time wrestling or at times mixed martial arts in the back yard. Rim is over 20 pounds now and does not back away from Gypsy one bit.

After a hot day of Dino wrestling what better way to cool off than a dip in the pool.

Everybody in the pool
Rim in not afraid of the water as you can see.
Sometimes you have to take a break.
Gypsy, on the other hand, kept a safe distance away on the deck so she would not get splashed by the little water bug.
Gypsy and Rim continue to become better friends. Playing much of the day together and when it comes time to relax, they are both great at that too. Rim is very good in the house. I think Gypsy has been a good influence on Rim in that regard.
We are going to begin taking Rim to a few places that might be visitation locations in the future to get him used to the sounds and sights and smells. Sandi will take him for 20 minutes or so and sit in the lobby. That should be interesting. 

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