Saturday, October 13, 2012

More Puppies

When you think about it, all Standard Poodles have to be related in some way right? I think if you look back into their family tree you would find out they are all distant cousins. The big news is that Rim's father, Phil, has been a busy guy. More puppies are on the way. Yes, Violet traveled from St Louis to Oklahoma where she got busy with Phil and the Standard Poodle population is about to grow.

Phil (Rim's father) is a big white poodle from Oklahoma. Not only is he a beautiful champion, he is also a certified search and rescue dog plus a narcotics detection dog. How did he find the time to hook up with violet? Check Phil out at

Violet is also a Grand Champion. You can see she is silver and white and I think she is a stunning pooch to say the least. You can check in on her progress at
If Rim is any indication of how their puppies will turn out, they should be great. Rim is learning commands with ease. House training has been a breeze. He is great with the cats. Sandi takes him everywhere and Rim loves to meet people but never overly excited. Rim must have some of his fathers smarts I guess.
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