Friday, October 26, 2012

Bark In The Park

Last weekend we took Rim and Gypsy to the annual "Bark In The Park" event in town. This is a big fund raiser for the local animal shelter. Gypsy is a veteran of the big day and of course, this was the first time for Rim. They have a dog  walk, talent show, prize for tallest dog and shortest dog, and things going on the entire day. We thought it would be a good way to get both the poodles socialized more and also to just enjoy the day. We arrive and have to park a few blocks away from the park. As we approach, Gypsy gets more and more excited.
 So, we get to the park and it is stet up with tents and a show ring. Gypsy is almost shaking from excitement. Rim is wondering what all the fuss is about. At times like this I have Gypsy sit down and relax for a few minutes and she usually gets a handle on things.

There was a large turn out to say the least. The biggest I've seen. The goal was to raise $50,000 for the shelter.

There were a few other Standard Poodles at the park. Here is Rim meeting a big white guy. I might be crazy but it seems that when ever we are at one of these things, or at a dog park and there are other Standard Poodles, they seem to gather together and seek each other out. Almost like they know they are the same breed. I think the poodle conversation goes like this.

Other Poodle: Did you see that Lab over by the fence?
Gypsy: Yes, did you smell his breath? YUCK!
Rim: I think he rolled around in something nasty too!

What is a Bark in the Park party without a horse ride.
They had a talent show that I was considering having Gypsy show off her jumping ability. There were the usual sit, shake, roll over tricks. One guy fake shot his dog and the dog played dead. How many times have we seen that? Then an old guy came out with his Lab and he had a pretty impressive show, topping it off with the dog fetching a pair of sneakers.

At the end of the day we ended up having lunch downtown. Gypsy sat patiently with her new friend.

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