Friday, October 26, 2012

BIRDIN (again)

The Bark In The Park on Saturday was a big event for both Gypsy and Rim. After that we went out to lunch and they both met a bunch of admirers. Well, most of the people stop by to visit with Rim.
What am I, chopped liver?
Anyway, by the time Sunday morning rolled around, both the pooches were ready to relax.

Nothing like a little nap on Sunday morning. Unfortunately, we live fairly close to the local airport. Not a big problem most of the time. We actually enjoy watch some of the little planes come into our town. This morning though, the Maryland State Helicopter was practicing approaches or something. They were coming and going and coming back again.

So much for some peace and quiet on Sunday. Oh well, they need to practice.

Hey, whats that noise up in the sky?
where did he go?
Gypsy does not like to have anything fly over her yard for some reason.
She even got Rim into the BIRDIN game. I don't see rim as a BIRDIN kind of dog. He isn't as obsessive about things as Gyp.
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