Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Differant Dogs

To say Rim and Gypsy are different dogs is an understatement. They are about as opposite as two dogs can get. Back when Gypsy was a pup, she did about everything we asked her to do. She was a very quick study. Rim is going through his terrible 2's we think. We had the screen event over the weekend. Today his big thing was to grab the grill brush off the Weber to chew and every time Sandi would take it back, he would grab it again. Must have been yummy. This afternoon Sandi had an appointment and had to put the little guy into his kennel. He refused to come upstairs and ran laps around the house until Sandi could catch him. When I came home tonight, all he wanted to do was to chase Gyp around the yard. He was getting on my short list and I lost my temper with him.
The mistake I made was comparing Rim to Gypsy.  Not really a good thing to do. That would be like me comparing one of my three beautiful daughters to another. Not smart.  They are all different and individual. I'd never do that. Rim is going to be different than Gyp for sure. He is a good puppy and also very smart. He will catch on to the things we want from him in short order.

Gypsy is a very good and special dog and if we are patient and caring with Rim, he will also be a great dog. Ultimately it is up to us.
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