Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Waterfowl Weekend

This past weekend was Waterfowl weekend in our little town. This is an annual celebration honoring the ducks and geese that we shoot out of the air with high powered weapons of mass destruction. I'm not a hunter can you tell? It is a big weekend here though. It takes months to organize and plan the event. The streets downtown are blocked off and all sorts of events are taking place. Duck decoy, duck art, and unfortunately, Sandi and I got a little too close to the children's duck calling competition. My ears hurt. The food is great too. We usually end up getting some fresh oysters from the bay. This is also a big event for the dogs too. They have a big retrieving dog exhibition. They show how the dogs run out in the field or swim out into the water, retrieving the slain fowl. It is a pretty cool thing to witness to tell you the truth. These are mostly Labs and Chesapeake Bay Retrievers. There is also a dock dogs competition that is quickly becoming the favorite event. These dogs launch themselves off a dock, into the water, flying through the air. Very fun event and the dogs seem to like it. Sandi and I have been going to this thing every year and we always take Gypsy. The streets are jammed with people and there are plenty of dogs to visit with. This was the first year for Rim. We had a beautiful weekend with the weather and I think they estimated this years attendance was close to a record.

Here is the crowd around the kids duck calling competition. They couldn't be that good as I don't see one duck in the sky.

Here are a few of the food vendors.
Here Rim is meeting another puppy as the local "uni bomber" watches.
 Most of the local shops had something going on too.

Here Gypsy and Rim are ganging up, team sniffing, a Bull Dog.
We walked a few miles that day. We all had to park it on the side of the road for a bit. It is always a good thing to get the dogs out and let them meet other dogs and people. Both Rim and Gypsy did a great job.
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